Ranger System

Hypersonic Research Vehicles


The RANGER system is a series of three vehicles all designed to be capable of mach 7 speeds with a ceiling altitude of 650,000 feet. The vehicles have a variety of missions depending on the payload with range, speed and altitude adjusted for optimum performance.

XS-2 Flash Ranger

The Flash RANGER is an unmanned hypersonic research vehicle used as an inexpensive pathfinder for the larger RANGER vehicles.

XS-5 Light Ranger

The Light RANGER is a single-seat hypersonic research vehicle with concept of operations (CONOPS) similar to a F-15.


The RANGER is a two-seat hypersonic research vehicle with a primary mission of carrying a 10,000 lb. payload to either mach 7 at 120,000 ft. altitude or to 600,000 ft. altitude apogee. The 10,000 lb. payload is designed to place a 1,000 lb. satellite into space station orbit.