Ranger Team Members

R&D Partnerships

Pyramid Space has quietly developed the RANGER system over the past fifteen years. We have benefited from expert advice in aerodynamics, thermal analysis, structural design, GNC system development, hypersonics and propulsion systems. The result of this research has evolved into the practical vehicle configurations known as the RANGER system. We would like to acknowledge those in industry and government who have participated in our project. Going forward, Pyramid Space is honored to have the support of the entities below as we develop the RANGER system.

Sage Cheshire

Sage Cheshire, Inc., located in California’s Antelope Valley, has over 40 years of experience in design, engineering, research & development and prototype or finished production of aircraft parts or full flight articles. Our team of highly qualified engineers and composite fabrication specialists provide services for many of the leading aerospace companies. From prototyping to one-off specialty fabrication to master-tooling to on/off-site testing of specialty components, Sage Cheshire is uniquely positioned at the nexus of next-generation aerospace vehicle development and production.

Aerospace Engineering Corp

 Aerospace Engineering Corporation offers revolutionary solutions for contemporary business productivity.  Our company will machine or manufacture parts to your requirements and quality standards.  This includes design and fabrication of tools, versatile manufacturing methods and the subsequent processing required in providing a quality end product. Our facility has been constructed for volume machining of aerospace components.  We are up-to-date with state of the art engineering.  Our CAD/CAM equipment ensures accuracy and completeness of design for tools and components used in aerospace today.